Storage services

Securely store and deliver any amount of data to end-users and applications, with the same simplicity you've come to expect from us. Instantaneously create cost-effective, reliable storage space using our web control panel.

Object Storage

Looking for unlimited data storage in the cloud? With Nigsun Object Storage, you only pay for what you use, with no size or duration limitations. Nigsun object storage uses combination of vmware and opensource technology so you can store your high-performance data in the Nigsun cloud environment and instantly access it at any time. This solution is ideal for web projects and can be used to make your objects available through HTTP

Block Storage

Customer requiring "disk space" for a cloud instance, Instead of having to buy more instances to increase storage capacity, Nigsun Block Storage lets you add additional “disks” to your instance. You can attach your storage to instances, or move storage between instances (in the same data center). Supports demanding storage needs with up to 10TB.